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December 31, 2019
Casino ohne Anmeldung

Casinos without registration are taking the entire gambling market by storm at the moment. Why is that? The answer is relatively easy. Because in a casino without registration you come very close to the actual casino experience in a land-based casino. Just like in a land-based casino, the process in a casino without registration also works:

  1. You come to the casino and exchange your money for chips – or in the case of casinos without registration – for game credits.
  2. You play your favourite casino games at will until you have won enough money to leave the casino or there is some other reason why you decide to leave.
  3. But before you leave, you stop by the cashier and exchange your remaining chips back into real money. In the casino without registration, you can have your winnings paid out directly.

This offers you the advantage that with casinos without registration you avoid a lengthy registration process and also no verification will take place. In addition, casinos without registration offer the great advantage that there is no casino bonus . And if there is, then only a very simple one. Casinos without registration thus function according to the principle of simplicity and simplicity.


Unlike conventional online casinos you don’t expect big bonuses here, which then require you to study an accumulation of terms and conditions and bonus conditions covering several pages. Instead, you play here without much fuss and all the more fairer and simpler. No more annoying verification and any violations that you are supposed to have committed against the bonus conditions. What you win is yours.

All the no sign-up casinos you’ll find at Casino-Okay are reputable and reliable and extensively tested by us.

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How do online casinos without registration work?

Whoever plays in an online casino knows that sooner or later the time comes when one has to verify oneself. Some players assume that online casinos only do this in order to enrich themselves and not have to pay out any winnings to the player. However, this is far from the truth. Because online casinos are about money.

Here you can win and lose. For the normal gambler, this is a matter of course and, of course, the purpose of playing in a casino. But whenever money is involved, of course, an element comes into play that normal gamblers do not usually reckon with: organised crime.

What does money laundering have to do with casinos without registration?

For the protection of the general public, the Poundspean Union has enacted laws designed to prevent money laundering . But what exactly is money laundering? Money laundering is the process criminals carry out to turn illegally obtained money into legal money


In the simplest case, this can be done through a front company. So here, for example, someone would set up a company that is not actually engaged in business at all. Instead, its only task is to pretend that there are orders and thereby accept payments in the form of cash or by means of dummy accounts, which are then taxed and paid out to the owner of the company.

The criminal then officially has legally acquired, taxed money. In reality, however, this comes from criminal activities. Exactly the same, of course, works very well in online casinos due to the nature of casinos.

Here, for example, one could deposit one’s illegal money – using either dummy accounts or anonymous means of payment such as Paysafecards. Afterwards, you would only have to wager it a few times and could then withdraw winnings to another account and pretend that you were just a lucky little guy – when in fact you had turned illegal money into legal money.

Don’t online casinos have to verify without registration?

Casinos – just like all other financial institutions – i.e. banks, for example – are obliged to verify the identity of the customers and companies they deal with. For this purpose, until recently it was necessary for players to show their identity card or passport. And at the same time take a photo of yourself with this ID. As well as providing proof of address in the form of a gas, water or electricity bill (i.e. a so-called consumption point bill)


In addition, the sources of funding also had to be verified. Here it was and still is necessary to take a picture of the credit card or send a credit card statement. It becomes problematic when a credit card or bank account is used that is held by two partners. But it is also problematic if a business account is used for payment in an online casino. For then, too, other illegal activities are at issue, such as embezzlement or misappropriation.

Traditional online casinos naturally want to make things as easy as possible for players and therefore do not immediately request verification in most cases. However, this becomes necessary if a player has won a certain amount and now wants to withdraw it.

The problem then is that players naturally only request a payout when they have also made decent winnings. If it then turns out that for various reasons, for example, one has used a false name or the account is not (only) in one’s own name, then there are problems. In the worst case, the casino is forced to refuse the payout and send the respective deposits back to the original means of payment.

Verification in casinos often causes frustration


As not everyone is aware of what exactly the EU Money Laundering Directive prescribes, problems often arise here, of course. Especially with inexperienced players. And when nice winnings are lost, it is of course doubly frustrating. But even if everything is in order and correct, the verification always means a delay in the payout. Although this verification only takes place once, it can of course still cause sufficient frustration and impatience among players.


Casinos without registration therefore take a different approach. They exclude many of the anonymous payment methods, such as Paysafecards. Instead, rely on a player making a deposit directly through their bank account.

The advantage here is obvious. Because of course bank accounts, such as current accounts, require verification of the respective bank customers. And banks really can’t be accused of being negligent or not verifying their customers professionally. So what if you could extract the customer’s name and address from the bank account and use them in the casino?

No verification in casinos without registration


If the user’s personal data could be obtained directly from the bank at the time of deposit, one would already know then who one was dealing with. But of course, the risk of money laundering would still not be dismissed.

After all, it does not necessarily matter that the person depositing is actually who they say they are. Rather, money laundering could also work by depositing from one account with illegal money and then paying out to another account.

This is also prevented at a casino without registration. Because here it is ensured that you can only withdraw to the bank account from which you deposited. The risk of money laundering thus drops to practically zero.

Because if the casino knows in whose name the bank account was opened, when that person was born and where he lives, then it knows it is dealing with a legitimate personage.

So if the casino also pays out again exclusively to the same bank account, it also ensures that the money has actually been used for gambling and not for money laundering.

So afterwards, the winnings are debited back to the same bank account. In this way, online casinos, when they operate without registration, save themselves the complete procedure of verification. And this is of course also and primarily a great advantage for the player.

Other advantages of casinos without registration

So casinos without registration already ensure that you don’t have to verify yourself. That in itself is a huge innovation, because as I said, the process of verification is a frustrating experience for many players. But online casinos without registration also offer even more advantages.

Special security

By simply registering at the casino using your bank details and making your first deposit, the bank details are stored at the casino in an encrypted procedure. This also saves you the actual registration process.

So you don’t need to be afraid that someone will be able to hack your email account and then gain access to your casino account by simply resetting your password. Only the person who has both the login data for the bank account, i.e. a valid transaction number (TAN), can also access the casino account.

No advertising at casinos without registration


However, if the casino does not have your email address either, it cannot send you any advertisements. So while many other online casinos require you to register with your mobile number and email address and then regularly pester you with advertisements, no-registration casinos do not do this at all.

Even if you use your normal e-mail address at online casinos, this is of course an advantage. Not only does it save you the admittedly delightful offer of enticements, but it also saves you potentially embarrassing moments when you pull your phone out of your pocket and your colleagues, family or friends get to see advertisements from an online casino.

No bonuses with conditions that go on for ages


Another advantage is that there is no casino bonus here. Of course, it is nice when there is a casino bonus and you can profit from it great. However, one must also keep in mind that especially with particularly generous online casino bonuses, there are often also very strict bonus conditions.

The consequence of this is that all too often you do not get your winnings from an online casino bonus paid out because you have violated some small clause here or there in the often very extensive bonus terms and conditions.

Some casinos even go one step further and design the bonus conditions in such an intransparent and problematic way that it is practically impossible to make any profits from the bonus money. Players who frequently and gladly play in online casinos have therefore sometimes even gone so far as to completely ignore the welcome bonus in an online casino.

Instead, they trust in the motto that an honest deposit also leads to honest winnings. Especially for such players, casinos without registration are of course excellently suited. Not only do you save yourself all the hassle and the numerous promotions, which all come with turnover requirements. In principle, you save everything that makes online casino gaming and the real casino magic at online casinos somewhat problematic and causes many players headaches.

Are casinos without registration reputable?

This depends crucially on whether the casino generally operates under a state gambling licence. At the same time, one must also take into consideration the regulations in the general terms and conditions and – if available – the bonus conditions.

Then, of course, it is also a matter of determining whether the casino itself actually adheres to its own regulations. The best way to find out is to analyse what is reported about the casino in question on the internet and on relevant portals. At the same time, of course, it is also important to find out whether the online casino participates professionally in any discussions.

All casinos you find on Casino Zauber are guaranteed to be reputable and offer fair T&Cs and bonus terms. We always go into this again separately in each individual test report.

So casinos without registration are just as serious or dubious as other online casinos. An advantage here, however, is that through the implementation of the payment provider Trustly, an independent check of the respective casino always takes place once again. This provides additional security and says more about their seriousness.

No manual checks before payouts of winnings


Also note that at casinos without registration, a payout is usually immediate. So withdrawals are not checked again manually by a staff member, but are paid out to you within a few seconds via Trustly 


Of course, most online casinos still reserve the right to check again here in the T&Cs. However, this would only happen if you really wager exceptionally high amounts or display very untypical gaming behaviour. Because despite everything, casinos have to make sure that no illegal things, such as money laundering, take place.

Someone who gambles GBP100,000.00 a month in a casino has to get the money from somewhere. So then it may be that the casinos have to check where these sums of money come from. However, if you can clearly prove this and there is no suspicion that it is actually illegal money, then nothing stands in the way of a payout.

Anyway, the standard check of payouts at casinos without registration is omitted. This not only saves annoying waiting times, but also many complications and problems.

What is Trustly? Can Trustly be trusted?

Trustly is a Swedish payment provider. Trustly has made a name for itself primarily by being available for payments in the gambling sector. The functional principle is similar to that of Sofortüberweisung. This is a German counterpart to Trustly. The way it works is very simple.

In principle, you do nothing other than a normal bank transfer. However, here you use the Trustly user interface. Then the respective transaction amount is listed, which you confirm by means of a transaction number (TAN procedure) that you generate on your computer during the deposit.

Trustly transmits the name and the date of birth to the online casino and thus ensures that the player is of legal age. The use of the TAN ensures that the person making the payment is also the account holder. After all, ideally only the account holder has the PIN to their account and the bank card to generate a TAN with the help of the reader.

Once the bank has technically confirmed that the TAN was correct, the transaction is considered to have been carried out. This means nothing other than that Trustly advances you the respective amount. The casino can therefore immediately assume that the money will actually arrive. After all, a transfer can only be made if you also have sufficient credit.

Unlike, for example, the electronic direct debit (ELV), a transfer cannot be reversed. So the casino also has a guarantee that the money will actually arrive and you can start playing right away.

When it comes to cashing out, it works very similarly. You initiate the withdrawal within your online casino without registering. Once this is done, the money on Trustly is made available to you immediately. If you want to withdraw this to your bank account, it will of course take another day, which is needed for the SEPA transfer.

Trustly is fully approved by the Swedish regulatory authorities and has therefore also undergone a government verification process, which confirms the seriousness and reliability of the payment provider. Your money is therefore in good and safe hands with Trustly.

Are there other payment providers besides Trustly?

In the Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway, paying by credit card is much more widespread than in Germany or Austria. There are many more payment providers that work in a similar way to Trustly.

In Germany, the provider Sofortüberweisung could in principle be considered for such an offer. However, this provider is currently still holding back. What you need to make a deposit with Trustly is first and foremost a functioning SEPA current account. If you have this at hand and also a TAN generator, you have fulfilled all the requirements for playing in a casino without registering.

Does it cost money to use Trustly at a casino without signing up?

A clear answer: No. At most online casinos without registration, using Trustly is completely free. So you don’t pay an amount, or a percentage, to deposit via Trustly. And also not when you withdraw something again. Both deposits and withdrawals are usually completely free of charge for you as a player in casinos without registration.

What happens when I close the browser window? Is my credit lost?

Don’t worry! The credit available to you at the casino is linked to your IBAN number. This means that you can close the browser window at any time or simply stop playing without having to withdraw your credit. Any credit that you do not withdraw remains stored. You can log back into the respective online casino at any time without registering using your IBAN number and PIN and then have full access and freedom of choice over the available credit.

Summary: Are casinos without registration suitable for you?

Of course, online casinos without registration are not suitable for everyone. But especially for players who are venturing into the online casino world for the first time and also those players who already have enough experience in the online gambling world, online casinos without registration are definitely worth a try.

Players who have never played in online casinos before can save themselves all the frustration that comes with not knowing exactly what the turnover requirements are and would never have assumed that they would actually have to read the bonus conditions, which are as long and boring as the general terms and conditions, in order to protect themselves against losing the bonus.

Experienced players in online casinos, of course, know that it is nicer when you can simply deposit a large amount. And then simply play to your heart’s content instead of being bound by 40x, 50x or 60x turnover requirements. Because that sometimes already has a touch of the fact that playing in the casino actually mutates into more of a job.

So all players who attach importance to the fact that playing in the online casino goes off fairly and simply mirrors the experience in a land-based casino without much fuss, will find exactly the right concept in online casinos without registration.

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