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December 23, 2020

Clear the house at the casino and then bring the money immediately into your own account? This is not necessarily possible with every provider. In order to have the lucrative winnings available as quickly as possible, online casinos with the fastest payouts are needed. They can process all transactions within the shortest possible time and thus make the competition look old. But how do online casinos with the fastest payout actually work and how can you recognise them?

Here is all the information about the popular providers, their payment methods and the actual duration of the payment transaction. Can online casinos with fastest payouts deliver what they promise, even on closer inspection?

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How can I recognise the online casinos with the fastest payouts?

Online casinos with the fastest payout usually also advertise this feature, because it clearly sets them apart from the competition. A glance at the website is therefore often enough. Information about the duration of a payout is also provided in the FAQs and the T&Cs. In addition, a look at the payment methods offered helps, if they can serve with immediate payout, the ball is in the customer service’s court, which must confirm and arrange the payout as quickly as possible. The experiences of other casino users can also give an overview of how long a transaction usually takes at the respective provider.

Which payment methods must online casinos with fastest payout have?

As a rule, the credit balance is paid in quickly at an online casino. Whether by credit card, via an e-payment provider, by means of cash to code or Paysafecard: the money is normally available without delay in the casino account. But which payment providers must actually be available at online casinos with the fastest payout? Here is an overview with the most popular payment methods that work modern, fast and securely.

To check whether the online casino of choice has one or more of these methods and whether additional fees may apply, it is usually sufficient to take a look at the FAQ section on the casino website. In many cases, specific periods for the possible duration of a withdrawal are also indicated there.


credit card

VISA and Mastercard are among the most popular options for online casinos with the fastest payouts. This is because not only can credit cards be used to deposit within seconds, but withdrawals can also be processed very quickly and securely. Because transactions always work easiest when the deposit and withdrawal methods match.


This is of course the case with the credit card. Anyone who wants to withdraw their money and debit it from the casino account with a corresponding provider can usually enjoy the winnings within a very short time.
American Express or Barclaycard are also popular variants, but are somewhat less common overall. For German customers, however, VISA and Mastercard should be the most common cards anyway. What is particularly good about this payment method is that, as a rule, there are no charges even for very high debits.

Online Banking

In this case, online banking is of course a generic term, for several payment providers that offer particularly fast processing and for which one needs an activation of the online function at one’s own house bank. The following providers are particularly widespread here:

  • Klarna
  • Trustly
  • Giropay

If a deposit was made using one of these methods, the online casinos can score points with the fastest payout. This is because the customer has already confirmed through the first transaction that the deposited account belongs to him and that the money can therefore also be paid out again to the same bank account. Some of the online casinos with the fastest payout can transfer the balance within a few minutes thanks to Trustly. However, the normal working days of the bank also apply here. So if you make such a withdrawal on a Sunday, you may have to wait until Monday morning for your casino winnings.



Paypal is probably the number 1 payment provider for online transactions around the world. Naturally, it is therefore particularly sought after by customers of online casinos with the fastest payouts. But is the service developed by Elon Musk really on offer at casinos?

There cannot be a clear answer for all providers here. Because in the past there were always different decisions on the part of Paypal as to whether the service would now be made available for the online casinos with the fastest payout or not. However, some casinos have made it and still offer their customers the popular payment method and in most cases also completely free of charge, fast secure and uncomplicated.



E-wallets are also very popular among online casinos with fastest payouts. The basic principle is similar to that of a digital prepaid card. The user can deposit funds into his wallet and, thanks to the latest technology, they can be transferred from there within seconds. The payout is correspondingly fast. Online casinos like e-wallets very much because here they have secure payment methods with comparatively little work.

The providers Skrill and Neteller in particular are very widespread. Some online casinos now even offer transactions via Bitcoin wallets or accept other cryptocurrencies for their payments. Before making a deposit, however, you should read the terms and conditions carefully, as some online casinos with the fastest payout do not grant a welcome bonus for transactions via Skrill and Neteller.

Online casinos with fastest payouts: when will I receive my money?

There are basically two factors that influence the time it takes for casino winnings to arrive in one’s account. On the one hand, there is the checking and the processing time on the part of the casino team. This is because every requested withdrawal must first be checked by support. Depending on the provider, this can take several working days. As a rule, however, things move a little more quickly after the first successful payout. The online casinos with the fastest payout have automated this check in many cases and manage to approve the transaction within a few hours. At Blitz casinos, the money is even paid out immediately after the request, additional waiting times do not exist.


The second factor is the chosen withdrawal method. Even online casinos with the fastest payouts have only limited influence on this. Thanks to modern payment methods such as E-Wallet, Paypal or credit card, the money is in many cases credited to the customer directly after the withdrawal is initiated. With a traditional bank transfer, however, it can take a little longer. Most providers speak here of 1-5 working days. However, the casino experience shows that the money is often credited to the account on the next working day at online casinos with the fastest payout.

Are there any fees for deposits and withdrawals?

A large number of the online casinos with the fastest payouts charge no fees at all for all transactions. However, there are also a few reputable providers that charge a smaller fee in some cases. Overall, the following procedures have become the most widespread:

  • The casino does not charge any fees at all.
  • Only fees from the payment provider may apply.
  • After a certain number of withdrawals, a smaller fee applies.
  • After a certain amount, a smaller fee applies.
  • There are smaller fixed amounts that always apply.
  • A certain percentage is retained for each payment.

The last item is extremely rare to find and should also make one rather suspicious, as this is not a customer-friendly procedure. It is also important that a withdrawal should not become more expensive just because it is faster. Fortunately, online casinos with fastest payouts do not proceed in this way either. With most providers, winnings can be withdrawn free of charge. However, the online casino cannot influence whether, for example, the credit card company charges a fee for large amounts. In fact, however, this is also rather rare.

Are the online casinos with fastest payouts safe?

To tell whether one of thefastest payout online casinos is safe or not, all you need to do is simply look at the factors that also otherwise speak for a serious provider. A Google search for the casino experiences of real customers can also be helpful. Have other users experienced that the provider keeps its promises or have there been unnecessary delays or other annoying incidents? With a professional provider, you will not usually find such reports.

The payment methods necessary to process a transaction as quickly as possible are also safe: Paypal, Trustly or an e-wallet can be used at an online casino without hesitation, just as with other purchases on the internet. The same applies, of course, to credit card payments. A payout is therefore in no way less secure if it works faster. On the contrary, the entire online gambling becomes much more comfortable and usually also more profitable.


Do I need to verify before withdrawing?

Not long ago, this question could always be answered with a resounding “yes”. Because even at one of the online casinos with the fastest payout, a verification with the help of official documents was necessary before the first transaction. This can be carried out by the provider’s customer service within a very short time and usually there were no major delays at the top providers even before.


In the meantime, however, some of the online casinos with fastest payouts have switched to not requiring additional authentication for smaller amounts if the chosen payout method corresponds to the deposit method. Only for amounts of several thousand euros, the support then requires the presentation of one or two documents, such as a copy of the front and back of the identity card.


Some providers (such as Blitz casinos with immediate payment) now even waive such a procedure altogether. The idea behind this is simple: whoever deposits via Trustly with their online banking access, for example, should also be able to pay out via it without having to take any further steps.


Conclusion: online casinos with fastest payouts will prevail

If online casinos can score with the fastest payout, they have a clear advantage over the competition, because they strongly accommodate their customers and make it possible to go home directly with the money won almost like in a real casino. This is exactly how it should be, after all, a lightning-fast deposit is now possible as well.

No wonder, then, that online casinos with the fastest payouts are becoming more and more popular and that there are now even some providers on the market who have made high speed their trademark. This method will prevail. Providers who hold payouts in abeyance for an unnecessarily long time must therefore quickly face the signs of the times and adapt their offer.



How do online casinos with fastest payouts work?

Fastest payout online casinos specialise in making casino winnings available to their customers as quickly as possible. It is only fair that payments that can nowadays be received in seconds in the casino account are also quickly transferred back to the user. For this purpose, the online casinos use modern digital payment providers and have automated a large part of their processes.

Despite this, there are always aspects that also need to be checked manually by customer service. If an online casino wants to advertise itself with the fastest payout, it must ensure such staffing here that the employees can always react quickly so that transactions are not delayed in the long term. Dubious providers have the reputation of holding back payouts for as long as possible so that the customer might change his mind, cancel the payout and continue playing with the balance. At online casinos with the fastest payouts, you do not need to fear such a procedure.

Are there also disadvantages?

Do online casinos with the fastest payouts also have downsides? No, customers need not fear any disadvantages here. However, you should only ever choose a reputable online casino that has an official gambling licence, adheres to all important security measures and does not charge hidden fees. After all, if any of these points do not apply, even the fastest payouts will no longer bring a significant advantage.

In the meantime, online casinos with the fastest payouts have established themselves so strongly and will do so even more strongly in the future that providers who take too much time for their payments tend to be the exception and should urgently change their offer.

Do I have to do anything myself to use online casinos with fastest payouts?

If online casinos want to score with fastest payout, they must first create the necessary technical conditionsn order to do so themselves. The user is not obliged to do anything for this. However, there are some steps that can accelerate the process, especially before the first payout. Even if this procedure is becoming increasingly rare, the user must verify himself once at his online casino. This ensures that the casino winnings paid out also end up in the correct account.

To do this, either a picture or a scan of the identity card and an invoice showing the current address are usually required. There may be deviations from provider to provider. Basically, however, it is a one-time upload of official documents (e.g. also a bank statement, which can be blacked out). The documents must not have been created by the user himself. And they must prove the decisive information about his person. If you only provide truthful information when registering and provide the necessary documents directly, you can of course speed up this process extremely. As a customer, you can also influence how long the payout takes by choosing a payment method that is as fast as possible.

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