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December 23, 2020

Online casinos with starting credit offer the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with them without any risks. Online casinos of this kind shine with the advantage of security, but one should nevertheless inform oneself sufficiently about the various offers and modes of operation before using them.

Here are the best online casinos with starting credit:


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And with free spins as a starting credit:

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What actually distinguishes online casinos with starting credit?

Online casinos with starting credit usually allow you to receive a small amount of money directly at the beginning of the creation of your account at the respective online casinos with starting credit. This gives you the opportunity to check the quality of the respective online casinos with starting credit without making your own deposit in the form of money. Of course, you can’t compete with the bonuses of other online casinos with starting credit. However, at online casinos with starting credit you also do not need a first deposit. In addition, several online casinos with starting credit also offer a welcome bonus after the starting credit. So here you can win twice.

In order to understand this type of online casino, some important and basic terms are explained below. Understanding these is important to find the most suitable online casino.

Turnover terms

You determine which conditions are to be expected before the first payout by the online casino. This is usually the factor that determines how often the starting credit or bonus must be played. Only when these turnover conditions have been met can the winnings be paid out. In addition, the time for free spins, limits for wagering and the value of the types of games are important for the turnover conditions. Finally, these rules also state which requirements you generally have to fulfil in order to get your winnings paid out, as well as which problems can lead to a cancellation of the payment.

Maximum profit

Most bonus offers have a limit that sets the maximum amount that can be won. While these limits are rather rare with bonuses for deposits, they appear extremely often with bonuses without deposits and thus also starting credits.

Bonus code

This code is used to activate the bonus or the respective reward. The bonus code is then entered either during the money transfer or directly during registration. Nowadays, there are many online casinos with starting credit that do without such codes, but you should still know about them. Unlocking is usually done with a simple click.

Rollover factor

This factor represents a significant part of the turnover requirements. The rollover factor indicates how many times the starting balance or bonus must be played or spun. A 40-fold rollover factor for a bonus of £100 means that the player fully meets the requirements from a wager of £4,000.

Excluded transfer routes


When you, as a new customer with a company, are excluded from some transfer routes for legal reasons, these are called excluded transfer routes. For example, e Wallets such as Neteller or Skrill have little to no value. From time to time, the payment option Paysafecard is also excluded.

No Deposit Bonus

With such a bonus, no own deposit is necessary at first. A special possibility of no deposit bonuses are so-called cashbacks. These offer to get a part of the possibly lost play money paid back again.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is simply a bonus you get right after you make a deposit. So basically you get more play money for the same stake of real money. Some examples show a doubling of the original stake after a bonus of 100%. So you pay £100 and can then play with £200 in online casinos with starting credit.

Welcome package

Welcome packages are, so to speak, gifts from the casino to you for registering at online casinos with starting credits. These usually come in the form of several bonuses. In most cases, the package comes with three to five deposits over a certain period of time, which can also be accompanied by free spins.

Free Spins time

Your free play time indicates how long you have to fulfil your turnover requirements for the starting credit or bonus. These deadlines are usually set quite short at online casinos with no-deposit starting credit.

Free Spins

Free spins are offered by online casinos with starting credit in different ways. Thus, they are possible with and without a deposit. Generally, they belong to predetermined slots. The settings of the paylines and the sum of the spins may not be changed by the casino.

Different forms of online casinos with starting credit


With casino bonuses without any deposit, which also includes online casinos with starting credit, different forms of bonuses exist. So there are not only the same bonuses without deposit. The most fundamental of these are listed below.

Costless capital

A classic form of casino bonus is a starting credit without any previous costs. This type is quite understandable. Immediately after the first registration at the online casinos with starting credit, you get your credit as a customer of the online casino. Now you can use the play money as you wish. In most cases, the online casinos with starting credit do not restrict the players. However, you should still take a close look. Some providers only allow the use of slots. But even here, in principle, the options remain open to you. For example, the number of paylines or the spin amounts on the machine can be adjusted.

Bonus in the form of free spins


If a casino does not offer play money as a bonus, but free spins, these are usually limited to a few possibilities. Normally, they are only valid for certain slots. But the basic settings cannot be changed during these free spins, because they are fixed. Mostly, free spins for new customers are set at a low level. Nevertheless, the winnings are fully utilised.
The free spins are awarded differently. For example, they are a possibility at online casinos with a starting balance as a separate no deposit bonus, but also as a bonus for registering.

Free Play Offers

Free Play offers are basically a combination of free spins and starting credits. At the beginning of playing in online casinos with starting credit, you receive a starting capital that you can distribute among different games. You can usually choose between card games, table games and slots. This variant particularly shines due to its variability, as every taste for bonuses is appealed to at the beginning.

What are the amounts at online casinos with starting bonuses?

In most cases, online casinos with starting credit for new customers usually offer a smaller capital. This is also understandable, because online casinos with starting credit also have to keep an eye on their economy. That is why the starting credit is usually initially a sum of ten to 50 euros.
If you receive free spins as starting capital, you have to multiply them by their wagering amount. This is the only way to determine the real value. If you receive 30 free spins on the slots with a respective stake of £0.50, you have a value of £15.


How do you recognise online casinos with special quality starting credits?

As a customer of an online casino with starting credit, you do not get your capital for free at the beginning, of course. It also doesn’t matter whether the casino provides you with a bonus or starting capital. Because as you already know, with bonuses you are always bound to comply with turnover conditions. Most of the time, it is the turnover conditions that determine how much the bonus is actually worth. So the offers that advertise the largest sums are not always the best. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the following factors and elements of online casinos with starting credits.

Rollover factor: How often does the new customer have to play the starting credit until he is allowed to withdraw it? The percentage value of the bonus must also be taken into account. This has a fundamental influence on the rollover factor. A few of the online casinos with starting credit even write in their terms and conditions that the money and the bonus are separate from each other. Therefore, you should actually always do the math first. Putting the value of the bonus in relation to the turnover requirements is highly recommended.

Include the games: Online casinos with starting credit usually do not make the capital valid for all games. For example, some casinos only partially credit the classics such as poker. The values for crediting usually vary between 5 and 25 percent.

The period: To avoid stress, playing the bonus should be done without any compulsion. Although this is to be considered individually, approximately 30 days is in most cases completely sufficient to fulfil the turnover requirements.

Promo cash: Furthermore, you should pay attention to whether the online casino with starting credit will also pay you the starting capital at the end, or only offers the winnings played.

All these elements should be taken into account when evaluating the offer. After all, this is generally a good way to assess whether a supposedly good offer can ultimately bring you good money. This is where your own ability to assess the casino comes in.

An example of good conditions


Should you not yet be able to properly assess the quality of the online casino with starting credit and its terms and conditions, the following is an example of a comparatively good offer.

You receive a free starting credit with a monetary amount of 10 £. You may use your capital for all games of the online casino with starting credit. For the free spins, there are no limits to wagering and the bonus must be played 30 times, so there is a rollover factor of 30. Ultimately, you are granted to withdraw your winnings and the initial bonus.

You have a window of one month to meet the requirements. Should you choose to use your starting balance in slots, they will be 100% included. For card and table games, your funds will be credited at a minimum of 30%. Poker machines have a credit value of 20%. Your winnings are not limited by a maximum limit. In addition, you are not required to activate your bonus through any special procedure.


It is very unlikely that you will get such an offer in reality at online casinos with starting credit. But should a large part of these conditions apply to an offer, you may well consider trying it out. After a comparison with the given elements, you should be able to assess very well whether the offer of the online casino with starting credit is really worthwhile.

How useful is the free starting capital?

In principle, a win is possible with every round of play at the casino. However, it is very unlikely to build a strategy purely on free credit. Of course, you may be lucky so that you do not have to make a deposit yourself. However, you should by no means rely on the starting credit.
The free capital at the beginning at online casinos with starting credit should always be seen as a way to test the casino. Some casinos also offer a mode in which you can prepare yourself for the start with real money.

If you can test the online casino with starting credit without any risks at first and the starting credit allows you to get some real winnings by all means, you can try out the offer calmly. You can thus have fun in the online casino without any risk and test it without making a science out of it.


The following reasons are not advantageous for choosing to play with a starting balance


You should by no means hope to win huge sums of money with just your starting balance. Most of the time, free starting credits are not usable even for games where jackpots are possible. Payouts also often have a maximum limit here.

What alternatives are offered to online casinos with starting credits?

There are some alternative offers to online casinos with starting credit. Numerous online casinos with starting credit also give you free spins in addition to the starting credit, for example. However, this option is also subject to conditions such as turnover requirements. On the other hand, there are also casinos that do not tie the free spins to any conditions. Here you simply have to research well.

If you have a relatively large amount of your own start-up capital, you should take advantage of this. A high percentage casino bonus naturally gives you extra value thanks to your own high stake. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to the conditions here. Even if your starting credit is multiplied by a bonus of over 100%, the online casino with starting credit is not always the best choice. Because if you can’t cash out your winnings, these percentages are of quite little use to you.

In conclusion, you should always compare the respective starting credit online casino with our points in order to be able to really say for sure whether the respective offer is worthwhile for you at all. Ultimately, online casinos with starting credit are a good way to test the casinos. However, you should unfortunately not hope for the big jackpot.

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