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December 23, 2020

More and more software and game developers are launching new real money casino apps that are compatible with mobile devices. Consumers have ever higher expectations and these must be met. Meanwhile, you can play roulette or online poker on mobile devices. Game developers are currently trying to make all games on an online casino website accessible for mobile devices. Here you can find the best real money casino app for your needs.

Real money casino app details

The best mobile casino websites and real money casino apps offer uniquely tailored games for players who want to play on their mobile or tablet. It’s now easy to play baccarat, poker, roulette or slots for real money on the go when you’re away from your computer. Of course, there are also demo versions where players can test new games for free before using the real money casino app. Mobile gaming has become an integral part of online gambling and offers a wide range of game types that are fully optimised for mobile devices. Here is a list of the most common mobile casino games: Roulette; Blackjack; Baccarat; Video Poker; Slot Machines.

Which smartphone or tablet should you use?

All of the best mobile online casinos offer a list of compatible devices and providers that support their gaming software. For most real money casino app, you will need an iOS or Android operating system. Motorola or BlackBerry devices are also compatible with most real money casino apps on the market.

What is the best real money casino app?

The best mobile real money casino app for smartphones and tablets are just as secure as their computer platforms and still use 128-bit end-to-end encryption. There are countless real money casino app that are secure and will provide you with a unique gaming experience. Look for a wide selection of games, excellent welcome bonuses and superior security. These are important features for real money casino apps. Fair play is just as important on your tablet as it is on your laptop. So always make sure that sites are regulated by the gambling authority so you can play safely.

The best real money casino app bonuses

There are some fantastic real money casino app bonuses that are exclusive to those playing on Apple, Android, BlackBerry or any other mobile device. A mobile casino bonus can come in many different forms, from no deposit bonuses to free spins on some of the best online slots. While the requirements and bonuses differ between real money casino apps, it’s worth taking advantage of almost all of them if you’re using a mobile device to play real money casino apps for the first time. So always read the real money casino app reviews and find the bonus that works best for you.

Finding the best real money casino app

When choosing the right real money casino app, there are several points you should look out for:

Game selection

When choosing a real money casino app, game selection is very important. Real money casino apps usually have a limited selection, compared to online casino websites that you can access on a PC. Therefore, choosing a casino with a wider selection of games can be beneficial. However, the game selection is always growing. Similarly, you may have a particular inclination for a certain type of real money casino app. If you only want to place bets on sporting events, it obviously makes sense to download a sports betting app. If your goal is to play slots on the bus ride home from work, this sports-focused app may not be for you.


The performance and reliability of the real money casino app is another factor you should consider when choosing. App reviews give you a general opinion of the app and can help you decide. This is where users share their first experiences with the real money casino app and will note if they didn’t like something. You should choose a real money casino app with intuitive software. If you find a real money casino app that has a good impression and is pleasant to use, your mobile gaming experience will improve significantly.

Payment and withdrawal methods

The banking options between online gambling sites vary. Licensed real money casino apss are more secure and use many different payment methods to give customers a wide choice. Some of the most popular payment methods include credit card, PayPal, PaysafeCard and simple bank transfers. With a reputable real money casino app, make sure that your preferred deposit and withdrawal method is available. On licensed real money casino apps, transactions are secure.

Operating systems

The iOS operating system has stricter developer guidelines for new apps than Google has for Android apps. For this reason, the Apple Store is very secure, as various requirements must be met when developing new apps. Apps in the Apple store need the right permissions and licences before users can download the app from the store.
The Google Playstore is a little more relaxed when it comes to publishing new apps. Here, private individuals can also develop an app and upload it to the store. So always pay attention to the terms and conditions and licences if you want to download a real-money casino app.

How to install Android real money casino apps

Installing a real money casino app for Android is very different from installing one for iOS. Regular online casinos have software for Android available for download directly from their desktop online casino. Downloading from an online casino’s direct links is a good way to ensure that what you are playing and sharing personal information is safe. A second way to download real money casino apps is Google Play. The best way to avoid downloading a potentially unsafe app is to either purchase the Android app directly from the online casino’s website or read the app reviews carefully before downloading.

Are real money casino apps safe?

Most real money casino apps are safe. It is important to pay attention to regulations and licences of the app. The number of scam providers looking to rip off users is also relatively high. However, you can easily protect yourself by thoroughly checking the real money casino app you want to use. On forums and online casino platforms, you can also exchange information with other players about a particular online casino app if you are not sure. The best thing to do is to go to the provider’s website and download the mobile online casino app for your smartphone or tablet there.

The importance of using secure Wi-Fi

When playing in a real money casino app, you should always access it via secure wifi. In this day and age, there are many public wifi connections that anyone with a smartphone can access. This is where hackers can try to access personal information about you. For a secure Wi-Fi network, you need a customised password so that only you can access the network (or the people with the right password).

Protecting your account information

When you create an account in a real money casino app, you should always protect your account information. Do not share your account with another person. For increased security, you should also change your password at set intervals. Some real money casino apps offer additional protections for customers. Check with your site’s customer support to see if these options are available and if they make sense for you.

Real money casino apps: pros and cons

Some advantages of playing in a real money casino app include convenience, ease of use and, in some cases, better bonuses or offers. Real money casino apps can essentially be used anywhere you have a secure Wi-Fi connection. This allows you to play conveniently whenever you have time.

Downloading an app is often much easier than installing a program on a computer. Mobile phones usually have location verification already installed, so verifying identity and location can be much easier on mobile phones.
Many casino companies offer deals or bonuses specifically for players who install their mobile apps to attract more customers to use mobile casinos. It is common to see mobile casinos with quite large, exclusive jackpots for mobile devices.

Although mobile casinos offer many advantages, there are of course some disadvantages. Often, mobile casinos are not as developed or feature-rich as their desktop counterparts. Many online casinos have a very limited selection of games, but this is quickly improving due to demand. Some mobile casinos have buggy software that tends to crash and can make playing incredibly frustrating.

The future of real money casino apps

There are already many real money casino apps on the market and new ones are being added all the time. This trend will continue for the next few years. Companies with mobile clients with reduced features or fewer games compared to their desktop clients will most likely evolve until the mobile experience is as good as what players get on their computers. In addition, the power of smartphones and tablets continues to increase. Soon the processing power of mobile phones will be stronger than that of computers, so there will no longer be any disadvantage compared to PCs. Gamers’ expectations of game developers are very high. They expect innovative graphics and sounds. The online casino market will continue to grow. Game developers who have so far specialised in games for Facebook will realise with time how high the potential of online casino games is.

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